Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Don't faint ...

I've actually completed a layout this morning!! Last night I was looking at Amy's page on Simple Aussie Girls and thought it was really time I tried to do some more layouts for Alice's album.  This morning I chose a couple of photos, matched the cardstock with the shoes and this is the result.  Unfortunately I can't get the colour to show as it is in real life, which is more of a raspberry pink, but you get the idea anyway.  As usual it's a very simple layout, which is what I like.

Happy Birthday, Jon!

Happy Birthday to my husband, Jon
(Photo was taken a couple of weeks ago when he was working from home, in the garden. I'm happy to say that the beard has now gone again ;-)  )

Luckily Jon is working from home again this week and so gets to spend his birthday with us.  We will be going out for dinner tonight to celebrate.