Tuesday, 23 November 2010

5 days old

These last five days have gone by so quickly. We were just saying we can't believe that on Thursday Alice will be one week old and by Christmas she'll be over a month. Time is going to fly!
Claire and Craig are doing so well as new parents - they're sharing all the duties and Claire tells me Craig did the 4am feed this morning. Alice is now being bottle fed after a rather rocky start with breastfeeding - the midwife says she has no problem with that if it's what Claire is happiest with. She's certainly much more relaxed and Alice is more content so it can't be a bad thing :)
Alice is starting to spend a bit more time with her eyes open and fairly alert, when she wakes. She has been quite a hungry baby today and has wanted to feed a bit more often but then tends to sleep well between feeds too.
I love this photo, it's very much what Alice is like when she's awake!  :) :)
Craig put together this little bouncy chair that Grandad Paul had given to her and we put Alice in to see what she thinks of it.
She seemed to be watching the lights that flash on and off on the bar that goes across in front of her. Too cute!  I think tomorrow we may bring out the baby nest for her to lie on - it has some little toys that dangle above which will give her something to "focus" on. We know that she's hearing us as her eyes tend to move towards the person who's talking to her. It's such fun going through these early stages again - there's so much you forget but it doesn't take long before you remember again :)