Wednesday, 28 January 2009

A Snapshot

A snapshot of our everyday life. This is what taking a photo a day is making me look at. It's comforting, it's fun, it's our life as it is at the moment. It makes me stop and think about things and makes me wonder where we'll be a few years down the road. Will we still be in this house? Which of the children will still be living with us? What will we be doing? Now we just have to wait and find out! This photo was taken on Sunday evening. Hugh with his friends playing games in his room. You can see they didn't pay too much attention to me ;o) I did a layout about Iain's 50th birthday on Sunday and this was my table as I was finishing up.
As some of you may know, Jon has been working from home and just going in to the office for meetings since the New Year. This meant that yesterday he was at home; Hugh wasn't due in at work until late afternoon; Claire had the day off and Emily had an inset day. I had a couple of vouchers (buy one main meal get one free) for Pizza Express which needed to be used by Friday so we went out for lunch as a family. It's been a while since we've done this, so it was good and I was glad I had my little camera there to capture the moment.
Emily, Hugh, Jon and Claire
Yesterday afternoon Emily was working on a timeline of her life for History. She wanted to add a few photos and the best place to start was with this one!
In her crib in the hospital not long after she was born. My beautiful baby girl who is now the beautiful young lady you see below :o)
What a fun afternoon we had, looking through photos and remembering the memories. This is what photography is about and scrapbooking helps to document some of those moments as well. I love it!