Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Still here

I've had a few comments from family members about it being time I updated the blog (if anyone is still looking at it!).  I'm afraid I'm battling to blog at the moment, life is quite busy with everyday goings on and by the time evening comes, I'm ready to sit and read a book or watch a TV programme I may have recorded.  I'll try to post more often but as we wind down towards summer, I'm not promising anything. 

Unfortunately, because I haven't been blogging, I also haven't been taking that many photos (and my Project Life album is suffering as a result). However, here are some photos from the last few weeks.
 Hugh turned 24 in June. I still find it amazing that I have a son that old as I can still remember bringing him home from the hospital!
 Kyle and Emma had a combined Engagement / Birthday party as they both turned 30 within a couple of weeks of each other.  It was a lovely afternoon where we got to meet Emma's side of the family as well.

And, as you many have guessed, this gorgeous little girl keeps me quite busy on the days she's here :)
 She's becoming a dab hand with my iPhone and iPad and has her own folder on each with the games she likes to play. She also knows exactly how to get in to Skype and look for Aunty Norma or Great Grandma to phone.  She loves getting people to answer but once she's seen them, she doesn't want to talk to them.  This also applies when she's at home with Mummy and decides she wants to phone me - once she knows I'm there she doesn't need to talk to me ;o)
 Alice came to sleep over on Saturday and I picked her up around lunch time. We had a dry spell when she and Grandpa could get out in the garden to run around for a while. So cute to watch her running up the garden :)

I haven't been reading or commenting on many blogs recently either but hope to get a chance to catch up with some reading over the next week.

Take care