Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Me again!

Tonight Hugh decided to change his look. This is a photo of him before

I had the task of using the clippers to cut his hair short tonight. I don't remember the last time his hair has been this short - he likes it and I'm sure I'll get used to it ;)

What do you think?


Trying to be a better blogger

I have decided that I need to post something even if there isn't a lot going on.

Yesterday I went up to Kings College Hospital in London with Dad and Mum. Dad was due to go for his six week check up but hadn't done the journey before so I said I would go with him. Mum came with us for a change of scenery though may well have wished she hadn't when we ended up sitting in the waiting room for two hours! When Dad was eventually called in to see the Doctor he was out again within a couple of minutes - two hours wait for two minutes with the Doctor, doesn't seem quite right to me!! The good news is that Dad has now been discharged by the hospital and we won't have to go back again any time soon.

We decided to stop and have a panini at Victoria Station before heading home again. Of course I HAD to get some Krispy Kreme doughnuts as well ;)

Quieter day today and hopefully a chance to catch up on the housework and to go through a few more boxes.

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Where have I been????

I haven't been doing anything terribly exiciting, just haven't been blogging. We're still not unpacked properly - too much stuff and too little space so we have a lot of sorting out to do. We like the house; it's smaller but cosier than our last one and has a really good feel about it. This weekend we're hoping to make a start on clearing out the garage so we can store more stuff in it, haha, should be fun!!

Earlier this week when Emily and I took the dogs for a walk along Forest Way (an old railway track which has been converted into a public walk), I had my camera with me and took a few photos. More will be on the family website (http://www.thestevensonfamily.com/) this weekend.
To bring you up to date with other news, my Dad is doing really well after his triple bypass and is walking around town again. He's probably fitter than any of us!
My great nephew, Tyler, turned one at the end of January. He is now walking and likes to be on the move. The photos below were taken at his birthday party on 20 January.

Tyler with his Mum, Theresa

The balloon was a hit!

I will try and update more regularly but for now I'm off to help Jon with the garage :)