Sunday, 24 January 2010

A lazy Sunday

It's been a lovely lazy Sunday! Apart from doing some washing and hanging it out and doing the dishes when needed, I've ignored housework and just relaxed :) Hugh got home from Sarah's last night and Claire and Craig also came home yesterday so today we've had all the children at home and we're back to normal. Jon took Claire out for a driving lesson after Church this morning and I'm told she did really well. Jon had started teaching her a year or so ago but she didn't carry on with the lessons. She now seems to be in the right mind set and has set learning to drive as one of her things to do this year. Go Claire!!
When she got home she was making bacon sandwiches for herself and Craig and asked if anyone else wanted. She ended up making for all of us ;) Thank you Claire!
Hugh on his laptop in his room
And Emily striking a pose - she's been watching Canada's Next Top Model. Please note the wonderful jawline ;)
This afternoon I read the paper, did a few puzzles, had a short snooze and read blogs. Deb and Dave popped round later this afternoon and brought me a cake stand I'd been admiring when Deb and I went to Wakehurst last week. Deb and Dave went there for a walk this morning and Deb bought it for me. Thank you so much, I love it! I'll have to make a cake or cupcakes to put on it so I can take some photos ;)
Can't believe it's Monday again tomorrow and the start of another week. Looking forward to our Starbucks coffee - but not the shopping so much! Am hoping to sort myself out and start doing some exercise this coming week - nothing too strenuous as I'm hopelessly unfit! Thinking of starting with a walk up through town and back again. If I can do that three or four times this week that would be good. Let's see how I get on after the first walk lol!
Hope this week turns out to be a good one :)