Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Tag books

I really didn't know if I'd keep the tag books up to date but, we're nearly half way through the year and, I'm still going strong. I love being able to look back at them and see what we've done so far this year. There have certainly been a few visitors and we're excited that our next visitor, Norma, arrives on Saturday! Only 4 days!!
Yesterday's photo for my tag book was this one of Simon (my brother in law), Hugh and Jon. Simon arrived yesterday afternoon to stay for a night before flying to Tenerife. Jon, Simon and I went to The Nizam for a curry and this photo was taken when we got back. The lighting is shocking (spotlights in the kitchen) but I still like the photo of the three guys together. I've got a photo of Simon with Helen and Jon with Hugh when Hugh and Helen were babies and it was one of my favourite photos from that time. I'll have to look it out and scan it in so I can post it. I can't believe our babies are now 22 (well nearly for Hugh, his birthday's on the 20th).
Talking of babies ;o), Claire thinks she felt the baby move this morning. She said it was like a little popping sensation which only lasted a short while and then stopped again. She could well be right as she is now in her 18th week and it's around the time when you start to feel movement :o).
As I've had a really slow start to the day, it's probably about time I got a move on and started playing catch up!
Unless that's Norma just gone online on Skype, in which case I may wait a little while ;o)