Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sunday spent in the Minor Injury Unit / A&E

 Claire called on Sunday morning to say that Alice had slipped from her arms and landed awkwardly on her leg.  She seemed to be in pain and wouldn't walk on it.  I phoned back a little while later to see if there was any improvement but, unfortunately, there wasn't.
We headed off to the local Minor Injuries Unit where we spent some time in the children's waiting room before being seen and Alice assessed.  The results were inconclusive and we were advised to take her to the A&E unit 30 minutes from here to get her checked over by the Paediatriac unit.
Long story short, they don't think she has broken anything and it's possible that she's got a sprain but nothing definite.  For now, we've to watch her and see how she gets on and if she gets worse or we're worried about her we've to take her back.  She is absolutely fine in herself but has obviously had a fright and is worried about falling and hurting herself. At this stage she's still not wanting to put any weight on her left leg but is super speedy crawling around the house. We're hoping her foot/leg will start healing soon and that she'll be back to her usual self again.