Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Happy Birthday, Iain

Today is my brother's birthday and we were going round there this afternoon for coffee and cake. I made this banana loaf for him (not for us to eat today ;) ). I know it doesn't look terribly fancy or pretty but it is really yummy! Hope you enjoy it Iain!
As I said, we went round to Iain and Louise's this afternoon for coffee - Mum and Dad, Kay, Theresa, Tyler and Alyssa were also there. Nice to just sit and chat. Emily with her cousin, Faith (Iain & Louise's daughter - who I've just realised will be 17 next month!!)
I love this photo of Mum (well her hand anyway) and Alyssa. Look at how little Alyssa's hand is against Mum's finger! Too cute
Great Grandma (Mum) and Alyssa
Jon taking the opportunity to talk to Alyssa while she's looking his way ;)
Now, before I go any further, if anyone out there can offer some help or an explanation, I would be most grateful. Please note in the next two photos how the candles are "reflected" again in the photo. The first one I thought was because Iain was wearing his glasses but the second one? How do you explain that and why has it happened? I was using my Canon 50mm 1.8 lens, does that have anything to do with it? I have noticed it once before with the Christmas tree lights but didn't think about it too much but in these photos it's more obvious. Any advice anyone?
The catepillar cake is a favourite in our family :)
Tyler was quite funny today; he kept his jacket and his wellies on the whole time we were there. Would not take them off! Maybe he wanted to know he would be going home again? Who knows. We just know he was happier keeping them on. His foot is a little bit better but if he does too much on it he tells Theresa (his Mum) that his foot is tired and he needs to rest. He goes back to hospital tomorrow afternoon for a check up (on his birthday!).
Final photo of Alyssa and Theresa/mummy. She was so good and got passed around the room without any complaint until she was ready for her bottle. I'm going to have her again tomorrow while Kay, Theresa and Tyler go to the hospital :)
Have a good evening.
PS. The snow has stopped and we've had a bit of rain so hopefully that's it for now! Still a bit lying on the ground but with luck that will be gone tomorrow too!

Guess what we got today

More snow!!!! I thought it was going to miss our part of the country because on the weather report they'd said north and west of London and we're south and east. I've since been told other reports warned of heavy snow here and I guess they were right! This is the most recent photo. I went to my friend Alison's this morning for coffee and while we were sitting catching up (we had plenty to talk about as I haven't seen her since before Christmas) the snow started coming down heavier and heavier. I didn't think it would lie because the ground is still quite damp from the last snow melting - guess I was wrong!
I have to admit that, despite not wanting more snow, it is so pretty to watch it come down - especially when you get the big flakes. Can you tell this is still quite a novelty for me?? Living in South Africa for 26 years while growing up, in a climate where it never got cold enough for you to need a coat, it was quite a change coming to live in the UK. Even now, 19 years later, I am still in awe of the changing seasons and they still fascinate me, year after year. I don't know if I'll ever take them for granted.