Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday again!

I had said we were going to have a quiet day today and that's exactly what we did. We stayed at home most of the day, Emily made a start on some school work to be handed in in March and I got on with my knitting (as well as doing housework, washing, etc.) The little cardigan I started yesterday is now virtually finished, just the sleeves to sew up and a button to sew on. I also need to give it a light press then I'm done! It was fun to knit and I couldn't get over how quickly it came together. The little album and photo frame arrived in the post today from Ruth. Each Saturday Ruth has a Pink Saturday give away on her blog "Everyday Life of a Suburban SAHM" and the names of people who left comments go in the draw. I always tend to leave a comment but have never expected to win. Last week I did win :) and this was my prize. Thank you Ruth, they are lovely! xx