Wednesday, 5 December 2012

First snow this winter

This morning felt really chilly when we got up and when I mentioned this to Emily once we were downstairs, she checked her phone and said "There's a 30% chance of snow this morning!".

 Looking outside it didn't look like this was likely but I thought it would make a good shot to put in my Project Life so I took a screen shot.  A little while later, as I was talking to Claire on the phone, I looked up and saw snow flakes falling.  Claire picked Alice up to see and I could hear Alice saying "It's snowing Mummy, it's snowing!"
 The snow started to fall more and the flakes were getting bigger. Alice wanted to go outside but Claire had been going to wait until after breakfast.  I suggested it might be better to take Alice out then and there because we didn't know how long the snow would last and she could come in and get dried and have something to eat after.
Although the snow continued to fall for a little while longer and did settle briefly on the road, it wasn't going to be anything that was going to cause a problem.  By 10am it was all over and I headed in to town.  First snow fall this Winter - I wonder how much more snow we'll see over the coming months!


PS  Claire has just started a blog and is doing well posting.  If you'd like to drop in and see what she and Alice are up to, the link is in my "Blogs I Read" bar - Our Daily Life