Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Alyssa's Two :)

As I mentioned earlier, this afternoon we went to Theresa's house to celebrate Alyssa's 2nd birthday. The birthday girl was in her party dress which was obviously a huge hit as she came to show me the pretty flowers on it a number of times during the afternoon :)  She was also excited to open her presents

 The pink kettle she had been wanting which Great Grandma and Great Grandpa gave her.
 Luckily Nanny (my sister, Kay) was on hand to help with getting things out of the packaging.
 Claire has this week off work so she and Alice were there to join in with the fun
 A happy birthday girl with her new pink kettle and her baby doll car seat (which I had been told she had been wanting for ages ;-) )
 Big brother, Tyler, who was looking very cool with his hair gelled for the occasion.
 Great Grandma (my Mum) and Alyssa
 Time for birthday cake!
 Alyssa and Mummy/Theresa
At one stage the older children had asked Theresa to put on Justin's House (I'm sure Mums of young children in the UK will know this programme). Alice loves Mr Tumble and Justin and plonked herself down with the other children to watch too :)


Thank you

Thank you for the comments on yesterday's post :) 
 I have to admit this is one of my favourite quilts so far, I love that the colours are bright but still very girly and look forward to seeing Lily playing on it.
Fortunately, Michelle likes it too :) :)  She said she had wondered if she would get a quilt for Lily but didn't want to ask because she knows I've been quite busy. No need to worry, I couldn't have not made one :)

Emily and I made it home this morning but I had one eye on my dashboard virtually the whole way home as the engine warning light came on just before we got to Eastleigh yesterday and has stayed on ever since :(   The car had a major service last week and I had really hoped that the couple of issues I had had with it had been sorted but unfortunately the jerking it had been doing was still there and now the new engine warning!  I've been in touch with the garage and it's going back in again tomorrow so let's hope it will come back a happy car after that!

For today though, we're looking forward to going round to Theresa's for Alyssa's second birthday tea. Normally I say I can't believe ***** is ** years old but in this case I think, is she really only turning two!! Looking forward to a fun afternoon and I'm sure I'll have more photos to share soon.