Friday, 26 August 2011

Keeping busy

Yesterday, being Thursday, was one of my days to catch up with things that need done while I'm not looking after Alice. The morning was pretty much taken up with 2+ hours of ironing but it felt good to have all the wash baskets empty again.

Claire had phoned to say she was going in to town and seeing as I had something to give to her, I said I'd meet her there. We had lunch at Caffe Nero and then did the shopping we needed to do - which included Claire taking Alice to get her first shoes :)  She had tried to get some before but Alice wouldn't uncurl her toes so this was the second attempt. Fortunately she co-operated and Claire settled on this little pair - aren't they cute!
 Alice wasn't so sure at first and kept going up on tip toes
 but it wasn't too long before she was walking around the shop
 and I had to grab a quick photo of her in the mirror because she wasn't going to keep still :)
We won't talk about the cost of these little shoes - especially when she'll probably only get a couple of months wear, at most, from them.
Next on my list was to make some brownies. I'd picked up some dark chocolate from Ikea while we were there and wanted to see what it was like. The brownies are still yummy but I must admit I think I prefer using the Bournville chocolate.
While the brownies were in the oven I got stuck in and made up the Expedit bookcase I had bought at Ikea as well. I've already got the big 4 x 4 cube bookcase in my craft area which has most of my scrapbook supplies but I needed somewhere to put some of my sewing stuff.
 The bookcase is in place but I haven't got as far as sorting things into it yet.
There are a few little bits sitting on top but I bet it doesn't stay this clear for long, lol!
Anyway, after that I was more than ready to pop along to the local leisure centre to meet a friend for a coffee while her children had a swimming lesson. After an hour, that went too quickly, it was back home to pick up Hugh (to take him to work) and Emily to pop in to town for a package which the postman hadn't delivered while I was out. I was quite shattered by evening so Emily and I had a chinese take away for dinner while watching House series 5 (we've got series 6 on Sky + waiting to be watched!)

Today, I have Alice (who is having her morning nap at the moment) and I'm hoping it'll stop raining so we can get outside for a while. If not, I think we may be going to Sainsburys instead :(

Hope you have a lovely long weekend
PS I am so behind on reading blogs at the moment, I dip in when I get a chance but don't always have time to leave comments - sorry! Hopefully I'll be back to commenting again soon.