Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Brooke Alexis (our newest family member)

A week ago today we welcomed the latest member of our family.  My niece, Theresa, gave birth to Brooke Alexis - a little sister for Tyler and Alyssa.
 Unfortunately, she was taken into the Special Care Baby Unit but, I'm happy to say, she is fine and is now home with her family.
 On Sunday afternoon Norma and I were able to go round and meet her for the first time.  She is tiny and one of the most alert babies I've seen for her age!
She looks intently at whoever is holding her - almost like she's trying to work out who is who ;-)
 Theresa is glad to be home and Tyler and Alyssa are happy to have their Mummy and baby sister back.
Getting a cuddle from Great Aunty Norma
and me :)