Friday, 1 April 2011

Another little milestone and a layout

This morning, as Claire was going to have breakfast, we decided to try sitting Alice in her highchair and see how she got on.
 I think she liked being higher up and more on a level with the rest of us. She also got to try a little bit of Farley's rusk but,again, we weren't sure if she'd manage it. We were ready to fish it out her mouth if she started choking but when she bit a piece off she seemed to manage because it melts fairly quickly in her mouth. Before long she'll be sitting there with finger foods while we have our meals!
I was watching Hugh with Alice this morning and it made me remember him at 8 when Emily was a baby. He's always been so good with little ones and he loves playing with Alice so I decided that would be my next layout.
I made up my template so that I could get the journalling in the right place and then printed out the journalling onto my background before sticking on the photos and patterned paper. I used a corner rounder on the paper to finish it off and I like the way it turned out. Now I have another template for future use too.