Wednesday, 11 January 2012

10 : 365(+1)

Mum had an appointment at the Doctor's yesterday because she's been having fairly regular nose bleeds recently. I picked her up and took her to the surgery and went in with her.  She explained how the nosebleeds had started and how she never knows when they're going to happen. The Doctor had a look up Mum's nose and said she could see the blood vessel that was causing the problem and would cauterise it, which would hopefully stop the nosebleeds. 

Off she went to get what she needed and when she came back she shone the torch up Mum's nose again and went to cauterise it.  No sooner had she finished than Mum could feel a nosebleed starting! We sat waiting while Mum went through tissue after tissue and in the end the Doctor asked if we'd like to go and sit outside in a private corridor until the nosebleed stopped. She was most apologetic and made sure Mum was comfortable, brought her plenty of tissues then came back with a kidney bowl and a cold pack wrapped in a towel. After she'd left Mum said "Pity you haven't got your camera!"  and I replied "I have!"   Mum said, "If you want a photo for today, go ahead!"  So I did!

We had such a laugh sitting there, with anyone who passed by wanting to know if Mum was alright or offering advice. When the Doctor came back and asked if we'd like to go back into her rooms, Mum said No!  We laughed so much and the Doctor promised not to try and do anything more!  So funny!  It seems that when the torch was inserted into the nose the second time it must have actually knocked the blood vessel which is why it started bleeding!  Mum was fine and we went for a coffee afterwards. She's got to go for blood tests tomorrow and may be referred to an ENT specialist so that they can cauterise the blood vessel.

It's good to actually have the photos to remember how funny it was.