Thursday, 20 November 2008

DYL Week 7 layouts

Today, after a coffee morning at Nero's with friends, I finished my layouts for last week's class. I am up to date again and, it feels GOOD!! I have now downloaded this week's class notes and am starting to think about the next couple of layouts. Here are the ones I've completed
Sketch 1 Sketch 2
RWC Sketch 3
Did you realise, it is 5 weeks today till Christmas?????? Claire and Emily seem to be taking great delight in reminding me of this fact! Am I ready for all that Christmas entails? NOOOOOOO. I can't get my head around it yet and the thought that there are only 5 weeks to go, doesn't help! How I wish I was an organised person - Mum says I used to be but I can't claim to be any more. I now need to get lists made and start getting into the Christmas spirit (non alcoholic - lol!!)
I went back to Weight Watchers again last night and am happy to say that I have lost one of the two pounds I put on last week (or as some of you ladies say - released that pound, I certainly don't want to find it again!!). Now to keep going - if I could lose 1,5 pounds next week it would take me to my 10% goal which would be wonderful. I'm not banking on it but just don't want to put on again. As it gets colder I find it so much more difficult to stay motivated but feeling my clothes that little bit looser makes me feel so much better. Going down a size would make me feel even better!!
Off to make lists ;o)