Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Baby update :)

Baby things are starting to be bought and a few have made it home already. Claire and I went in to Mothercare just before Norma got here and she's opened up a Baby Plan to start putting aside the bigger items she'll need for the baby.
First to be added was this pram. Claire had originally been going to get a red and black one but this green one is pretty funky and she changed her mind ;). The seat part changes into a carrycot that lies flat and she has now added the car seat that can clip straight onto the pram frame making it a 3 in 1. It really is lovely. Last week Norma, Mum and I went to The Craft Barn in Lingfield and then into Best Wishes for coffee where I spotted this little giraffe :) It was so sweet (and neutral in colour) that I had to buy it for Baby. When we got home another package was waiting for Claire, so Giraffe sat on top waiting for her too. Great excitement when Claire got home, she knew what was inside so the package was ripped open straight away ....
Baby's Moses basket
As Craig is a carpenter making up the rocking stand, for the Moses basket to go on, was his job.
It certainly didn't take him long
Isn't it cute!
Jon was called in to have a look
Giraffe got to sit in it first
And, it won't be that long before Claire and Craig have their baby in there. Claire was 20 weeks on Monday and is going for her scan on Friday, when she's hoping to find out what she's having. Exciting times!