Monday, 21 March 2011

Making the most of the weather

By the time we were on our way home from the weekly grocery shop at Sainsburys and our coffee in Starbucks, the sun had come out and it was lovely and warm in the car. Once back at the house, Claire changed Alice out of her warm clothes and put her in a little dress.
 Uncle Hugh got to have cuddles and play with her while Claire and I unpacked the shopping.

 After a little bounce in her chair
  and thinking that Grandma is so silly when she makes faces at her
 we headed outside for Alice to get her first taste of sitting on the grass
 She wasn't 100% sure what she thought of it but was happy to have cuddles with Mummy
Unfortunately, a breeze started blowing and it turned the air quite chilly again so we headed inside.

I'm so looking forward to lots more sunny Spring and Summer days - washing on the line and lunch out on the patio. Can't wait!