Sunday, 27 May 2012

Photo a Day : 26 May 2012 & a few birthday photos

As I mentioned earlier in the week, this weekend saw me celebrating a significant birthday ;o)  As you can see, it was the big 5-0!  I'd like to say thank you to everyone who sent birthday wishes, both here and on Facebook, I really appreciated them and felt quite special :)

 We started bright and early with Claire and Alice arriving at 7.30am - with a birthday balloon and big badge  just to make sure I remembered how old I was (not really - Claire loves birthdays and wanted to add some fun!)
 We had a great morning, having breakfast together and playing with Alice.  Jon went off to get the last minute shopping for the birthday tea in the afternoon while we stayed home and "relaxed".
 I was so pleased I got to spend time with my beautiful granddaughter before she went off to have some fun with her Daddy.
 In the afternoon we had the family round for afternoon tea. Most of us live within a short drive from each other but  Michelle, Matthew, Josh and Lily have an hour and a half + journey to make so I was really pleased they were able to come.
 Emily and Claire with my sister, Kay and her granddaughter, Alyssa.
 Isn't she growing up so fast and she's so cute!
 Emily took a break from revising to spend some time with everyone.
 Emily, Claire and Alyssa
 My Mum
 Lily (who was 6 months old on Friday!)
 Michelle, Matthew and Lily
And finally, I mentioned before on the blog that my nephew, Kyle and his fiance, Emma had got engaged.  Emma had been waiting for her ring to be ready and finally got to go and get it on Saturday morning. It is absolutely beautiful and she can finally get to show it off.

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of everyone who was there because I was busy enjoying the afternoon and not concentrating on taking photos so much. So, to those who aren't featured in this post, I apologise but thank you for being there to help me celebrate, I had a lovely day.


Photo a Day : 25 May 2012

We've been having some wonderful weather recently, with temperatures up to 26C.  It's felt really warm and we've been conscious of making sure Alice has enough to drink. Whenever Emily gets home from school, the first thing Alice asks for is her water bottle with juice in it, which is in her school bag. On Friday I had an empty water bottle in the kitchen so I rinsed it out and put some juice in it for Alice - she was more than happy to drink from it and I didn't have to worry about her not getting enough fluids.