Saturday, 6 March 2010

Sarah's birthday and Emily's thanks

Yesterday was Hugh's girlfriend Sarah's birthday. We got to celebrate with her today.
Opening presents Hugh and Sarah
Hugh and Sarah will have been together for four years in June. Sarah is part of the family, we all love her and enjoy having her come to stay with us.
A birthday wouldn't be a birthday without a cake :) We did put the right number of candles on it too ;)
One of Sarah's gifts was a gift card and I didn't just want to put it in with her card, so I made a little envelope for it to go in. First time I've made an envelope to size and had to draw out the template. The tree patterned paper was raised using foam squares.
And finally, Emily has asked me to please say thank you to everyone who has left comments wishing her a speedy recovery. She is taking her medicine (though it tastes vile!!) and hopefully by tomorrow she'll start feeling like she's on the mend.
We've just finished watching House Season 4 and now I can't stop yawning my head off, so I think I'm going to have an early night :)