Monday, 4 August 2008

And one more ....

Todays Blog prompt : In general, do you prefer to scrapbook with single photos or a group of photos? Share a few of your favourite examples with your blog readers.

I guess I've more or less answered this one in the past few blog posts I've done. I have been enjoying having the time to do some scrapbooking and, as you can see, I've been using numerous photos on a layout. In fact, I have the layout I finished today to share. It's the second of my holiday layouts using the same format as the Chicago one in yesterday's post.

The blue and white in this layout was 1. because I like it and 2. because they're the colours on the Scottish flag :)


A couple more layouts

My scrapbooking continued over the weekend and with the weather being pretty miserable yesterday it was probably the best thing to do.
I've wanted to do a layout of Claire and Emily as bridesmaids. They had wanted to bridesmaids for ages and finally got the chance when their Aunt Debbie got married last year.

Journaling reads: Claire and Emily finally became Bridesmaids for the first time when Debbie and Dave got married. The run up to the wedding was just as exciting for the girls as they got to choose the material for the dresses and find shoes and accessories .They had dress fittings at Deborah’s house and attended the kitchen tea at Angie’s. Claire came to do their hair on the morning of the wedding and they got dressed at the Effingham Park hotel. It was a beautiful day and one they’ll always remember (especially seeing as it was on Emily’s 11th birthday!) 29 September 2007

The next layout was made because I was looking through the photos from our trip to Chicago in 2001 and they made me smile so much. I liked so many of them and couldn't decide which to use for a LO for my general album so I decided to use lots and this is the result.

I love the way it turned out and have now decided to go through photos of previous holidays and use the same layout again. I thought I could have an album of holidays and each holiday would have a two page spread. I tend to make a mini album of the holidays as well but this would be holidays at a glance.

Let me know what you think.