Thursday, 15 March 2007

Nearly the weekend

Another day of keeping busy, I look forward to the weekend and a lie in =o)

Mum and I went to Caffe Nero while we waited for the shops to open. I had forgotten it was the farmers market today so we had to go and get some olives

The garlic ones are delicious!

The market seems a bit smaller than it used to be. Perhaps it will grow again in the summer.
The Bridge Farm stall sells some of the best sausages I've had. The guy behind the stall was quite happy to pose for a photo when he saw Mum and I taking pictures

See the huge frying pan at the front of the photo which they use to cook the sausages for the baguettes in.

Once we'd finished in town we made our way out to Creative Pastimes so I could discuss the demo that's coming up in a few weeks time. It was an absolutely glorious day today and so nice to be able to drive out there in the sunshine.

After the lovely blue skies we've had recently Jon tells me tonight that we're supposed to be having SNOW on Monday!!! I seriously hope they've got that one wrong, I'm so ready for Spring now!

Have a good evening