Thursday, 1 September 2011

4D Scan

 When Michelle went for her 20 week scan she had really been hoping she would find out whether they would have a boy or a girl but, unfortunately, baby wasn't co-operating that day and they came away none the wiser.

Well, yesterday, that changed when Michelle and Matthew paid to have a private scan to determine the baby's sex. We had thought it would just be a standard scan again but it turned out it was a 4D scan.  Michelle sent me though some of the scan photos and I've played around with these two in Photoshop Elements to try and get a clearer picture for the blog.
 We're so looking forward to welcoming Lily in November :)  Having seen the scans though it feels like a long time to wait still. No doubt time will fly and she'll be here before we know it.
Now we can start buying girly things again :) :)