Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Town and a hospital visit

Today has been a fairly busy day. After dropping Emily & Faith at school, Claire and I went to Caffe Nero's for a coffee/hot chocolate. A trip to Threadneedles for some material, to make a new bag for Claire to take to college, was next on the list. I didn't take a photo of the material before I washed it so you'll now have to wait until the bag is made to see what it's like ;o)

Once home I managed to get a basket of ironing done (still keeping it up!) before going to pick Mum up. Today was the day Mum had to go to Worthing Hospital (about an hour's drive from here) to have laser treatment on her eyes. This treatment is to try and stop the blood vessels that are leaking into the macular area which causes macular degeneration. While the treatment won't restore Mum's sight that is already lost, we're hoping that it will slow down or stop further loss of sight.

We got to Worthing at lunch time and Mum's appointment wasn't till 2 o'clock so we took a walk into the town centre to get some lunch. I had never been into the town before, just to the hospital, so it was interesting to see what it was like. I took a few photos but they don't give a clear picture. The town centre has a pedestrianised area which has a number of smaller roads/walkways leading off it. There are lots of smaller shops as well as a couple of bigger department stores. We didn't have time to have a good look around but this may be a place to take a trip to during the summer holidays for a more leisurely stroll (wink!)

This next photo is for Claire, who loves Subway! Yes, they have one in Worthing, Claire!

This little row of colourful houses was on the road back to the hospital. Reminds me of the children's TV programme, Balamorie :o) The houses aren't quite as bright as the Balamorie ones though.

We got back to the hospital in time for Mum's appointment where she was seen quite promptly. The drops were inserted and 25 minutes later she went in for the laser treatment. This took about a minute and then we were able to go home. There is a follow up appointment in 6 weeks time and they'll know then whether the laser treatment has been successful.

Home again and it was back into the household routine. Dinner to make; diswasher to load (and put on) and Emily into the bath. Time now for a coffee and hopefully a chance to read a couple of scrapbook magazines.

Have a good evening.