Monday, 23 September 2013

Dad's Birthday

Saturday was Dad's 84th birthday and a reason to celebrate.  It was good to have the family around for afternoon tea - those of us close by anyway. When Norma lived in South Africa she used to say she missed being part of the birthday celebrations but this year it was good to have her here to celebrate with us.
A quick photo before everyone arrived.
Some presents to open.
We had been speaking to Iain in Australia as people started arriving and he asked for some photos to be put up for him to see.  So Iain, here are a few from the afternoon ;)
Mum and Emma
Kay and Martyn
Norma holding Brooke
 As you can see, Megan wants to be on the move now.  She's pulling herself up on anything she can get hold of.
 And Alice is super busy and doesn't like to stay still long enough to have her photo taken.  In fact, she's already got to the stage where if she sees you with a camera she says "I don't want my photo taken!!"  Sigh!!
 The children had fun playing outside and it's lovely that they're at an age where we don't have to worry too much about them outside on their own.  Won't be long before Megan and Brooke are joining them ;)
 Alyssa and Kyle
Kyle is always brilliant with the children and they love it when he goes out with them.
 Not quite sure what they were looking at but he certainly gets their attention (Alice had seen the camera lol!)
And to show I was there, Claire took a photo of me - which also shows I was holding Megan for a while - hence the chocolate covered top!

There may even be another update next week after Emily's birthday ;)