Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A chance to play

When Claire came to cut our hair this afternoon she had B & M with her so I took the opportunity to play for a while.

Claire with M We finally managed to get B away from his DS and even got a smile!
With Mum
Little M is sooooo cute!

Back to his DS and great concentration
Thanks for letting me take the photos Claire :o) There are more photos on if you'd like to have a look.

Hugh is 20

I'm a bit late posting this one as Hugh turned 20 on 20 June! He had to get up before Emily left for school, even though he didn't have work that day, because he wanted to have his presents early. You can see how surprised he is about this present ;o) He had wanted this for a while and finally got it on his birthday - complete with the musical instruments ie. drum kit, bass guitar and microphone.

Opening one of his cards in the evening Had to have the candles shot - no matter how old he is!
We went out for dinner in the evening. This one of Jon was taken at the restaurant
Emily and Claire
And by this one, I think Hugh had had enough of having his photo taken - lol!!xx