Monday, 16 August 2010

Anyone interested?

Rachel of The Adventures of an American Mum is thinking of possibly holding a photography course, here in the UK, next summer and is wondering how many people might be interested (I know I certainly would be!). Anyone else interested? Pop over to her blog and let her know :)

Claire's Surprise Baby Shower

We held a Surprise Baby Shower for Claire :o). After a bit of thought Jon suggested holding it at the Cafe at the Church. It's a lovely light area, tables already set out and a kitchen we could use; as well as having a car park so no one had to worry about parking. It was the ideal venue. I made some bunting to hang and we ordered balloon "bouquets" for the tables. Having seen a few "Diaper cakes" on the web I decided to make my own "Nappy cake" to go on the present table.
People waiting for Claire to arrive
I had help with the baking from Claire's friend Rachele; Craig's Aunt, Tracey and my niece, Theresa. My contribution (sausage rolls, savoury pinwheels, pumpkin cake and chocolate cake) all had to be made (or in the case of the chocolate cake - bought) while Claire was at work.
Craig was in on everything from the word go - from helping me with names of who to invite to working out how we were going to get Claire there without her suspecting anything. He did a great job and I was so impressed he didn't let anything slip out - well done Craig :o)
As a result, Claire thought she and Craig were going to visit Craig's Nan yesterday afternoon. Jon had been going to offer them a lift but when he arrived home (after helping to set things up) he was just in time to see Claire and Craig walking up the road and wasn't sure what was going on. Claire had decided they were running late and told Craig they had to go - it put our plans in a spin for a short while but fortunately Craig used his head and when we phoned him to find out what was going on (using his Nan's phone, of course) he told Claire his Nan had gone to the Church cafe for a coffee and they were to meet her there. Quick thinking Craig!
Claire wasn't sure what was happening when she walked in the door and everyone shouted SURPRISE! She got a bit emotional when it hit her but it didn't take too long before she pulled herself together and started to enjoy her party.
The present table :o)
We played a couple of little games
and had something to eat and drink
then Claire opened presents
Theresa and Alyssa watch
as one present after another was opened.
Hugh's girlfriend, Sarah found these really cute shoes ;o)
I couldn't resist this little snowsuit
and Tracey, Craig's aunt, gave her a beautiful baby quilt.
All in all it was a huge success, I think everyone enjoyed themselves and Claire was totally spoilt! Now we can't wait to see Alice Rose in the beautiful clothes she's been given :o) but until then Claire's having to find room to put everything away lol! Imagine what it'll be like when baby is here ;o)