Friday, 6 April 2012

Photo a Day - the last week

My goodness, I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted any photos.  I'm keeping up with  my photo a day and now that I've finally got my journalling cards am hoping to get up to date with Project Life again too. 

Life is pretty hectic here at the moment and I rarely get on my computer. Today I'm taking a little time out to post but it'll just be a little bit under each photo for now.  It's Easter holidays and Jon, Emily and I will be going away for a few days next week (and leaving the "boys" to fend for themselves) so it may be another week before I get the next post up.  Please bear with me and, hopefully, I'll get back to daily posts again soon.

Although I finished the top of this quilt some time ago, I've procrastinated when it came to putting it all together.  Friday night was the night to get to it and make a start on finishing it off.  

 After our weekly grocery shop on Saturday, I thought I would make a bit batch of Carrot and Lentil soup to have the following day for lunch. The temperatures had dropped down and soup seemed like a good idea.

 Iain (my brother) arrived back from Australia early on Sunday morning and I went to Gatwick to pick him up. After giving him a chance to have a coffee and relax a bit, I went and picked Mum and Dad up to bring them to the house for lunch.  As you can see, on Sunday the sun had come out again and it was actually warm enough to sit outside.  We still had soup ;o)  And in case you were wondering why Jon was sitting slightly apart from the rest of us, he was having a cigarette and sat back so we weren't in a cloud of smoke.

 Great excitement on Monday when the delivery van arrived with my Clementine core kit from Becky Higgins for Project Life.  I had been printing out the journalling cards myself but soon realised I was going to use an awful lot of ink over the year.  So, when it was announced that Amazon were going to stock the products I was really excited. That changed when, instead, Tammy Morales from announced that they would be distributing the products themselves.  Long story short, after 4 weeks in Customs in the UK they finally got their shipment and I got my core kit. Now I just need to bring my journalling up to date (I've been writing in my diary every day so that I have a record of what went on).

Monday night also saw me sewing the binding down on the back of the quilt. I sew it onto the quilt with the machine but once I've folded it over to the back, I hand sew it in place. It felt so good to get it finished in time.

 Michelle, Josh and Lily came to visit on Tuesday. It was Josh's birthday on Thursday but we gave him his presents a couple of days early (and funnily enough, he didn't complain ;o) ). I was worried about whether he would like the quilt but he seemed to. Michelle explained the next day that he hadn't realised I'd made it for him but that he loved it. He had it on his bed that night and the next morning she sent me a photo of him reading his magazine with the quilt over his lap :o)

 Once Alice went home on Wednesday, and dinner had been eaten, it was a chance for me to sit down and catch up with some of the Grey's Anatomy episodes I had recorded on Sky+.  I didn't watch them all in one evening but I have now caught up, having watched the last one last night.  Now I have to wait till next week for the next episode!

When Emily and I got back from shopping for our holiday yesterday, Jon had the tickets propped up for us to find when we came in.  Now it feels like we are going!! :o)

Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.