Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Lovely weather!

We've had really grey wet weather virtually all day today :( but it has been good weather for staying at home more. I got my washing and ironing done first thing, worked out my food for today and have been pointing it as I go. The weight watchers habits do come back quickly :) but I think what's shocked me more is how much I've obviously been picking and not even realising I was doing it. I've stopped myself today and I'm not hungry, it's purely habit! I've had my usual cereal and light soya milk for breakfast; a kiwi fruit mid morning; jacket potato with tuna and extra light mayo and salad for lunch; plums this afternoon and tonight low fat sausages, pasta, arrabiata sauce with extra vegetables and the rest of the salad from lunch. It's a lot to eat in a day but all counted for and with a couple of points left over.
Cloud and I went for a walk along Forest Way just before lunch but I forgot to take my camera with me. Though to be honest, it was miserable and I probably wouldn't have taken many photos in the rain. Unfortunately, with Cloud being a little white dog and close to the ground, she came home with a wonderfully muddy tummy! She didn't enjoy being put in her cage to dry off a bit or the brushing she got later to try and get some of the mud out of her fur. I guess that's the downside of going for walks in this weather!
This afternoon I have finished sewing the quilt top together. I'm hoping to get it sandwiched with the wadding and backing fabric tonight so that I can start the quilting tomorrow after my coffee morning.
Won't be much more happening today and I need to go and get started making the dinner. Have a good evening.