Sunday, 29 November 2009

What a day!

What a day we've had today, winter is certainly on its way. Mind you, we've virtually had the four seasons - we've had heavy rain, strong winds, sunshine and hail, we just need the snow! My computer has been showing the temperature hasn't gone above 8 degrees C. I certainly didn't feel inclined to go outside for any length of time ;o)
The girls, however, were happy to go to movies this afternoon. Although Emily saw New Moon last week, she's been itching to go again. Claire had originally said they'd go on Friday night but then pulled out. Emily was supposed to go with a friend on Saturday but her mum told her she had to finish the book before she could go. So, finally, Emily got to go again this afternoon with Claire. I dropped them off and said I'd pick them up later, then came home to make the binding for the second quilt - which I've just about finished sewing on.
As I was getting ready to go and pick the girls up, I glanced through the front window and couldn't believe my eyes. I called for Jon to come and look because there were two deer on the green outside the house!!
We've never seen deer around here so it was quite a surprise. Jon said he'd actually seen them this morning and forgotten to mention it to me. Naturally I grabbed my camera and went outside to get a photo, trying to be as quiet as possible.
I managed to get a couple of shots but must have disturbed them and they moved off soon after I went out.
How exciting!! We think they probably came from the wood and fields behind the houses and looked quite young (not that I know anything about deer). Hopefully we'll see them again some time.