Friday, 28 August 2009

Theresa's birthday

Yesterday afternoon we went round to my niece, Theresa's house for her birthday tea and cake. Tyler was so excited that it was his Mummy's birthday and couldn't wait for everyone to arrive so we could have cake.
While we were waiting for the others to arrive, he helped to open the presents. In this case it was a photo frame with three photos of him at different ages.
What I hadn't stopped to think about was that because the photos were of him, he thought the photo frame should be his ;o)
Tyler was also a great help at blowing out the candles on the cake
Any guesses who helped choose the cake ;o)??
And finally, a couple of photos of the current new addition to their family. Minnie was Theresa's birthday present from Kay and is 16 weeks old.
Tyler likes to carry her around and this photo gives an idea of how little Minnie is.
A lovely afternoon spent catching up with family. Thanks for inviting us round, Theresa!

Thursday, 27 August 2009


On Monday, Claire had the day off work and I'd made up my mind that it was the day we'd go to Eastbourne. We have lived in East Grinstead for just over 18 years, Eastbourne is about an hours drive from home and yet we've never been there before. So, Monday was the day. I wasn't sure what to expect but, have to admit, I really liked it. There is an old charm about Eastbourne, I'm not good at describing it but it felt comfortable, relaxed and friendly. We parked on the seafront and walked up towards the pier.
If you look carefully at the above photo, you'll see there's a little white train coming along the road towards us. I haven't actually looked up to see where it goes or what it does but I certainly hadn't expected a road train to be one of the first things we saw ;o) The pier as we were walking towards it.
Eastbourne seafront
Emily and Claire ;o)
Looking back the way we'd come
From the pier we followed the signs to the town centre, did some shopping and had lunch at Prezzo (2 for 1 offer = always a good thing!) before making our way back towards the front again.
Claire (when we stopped to get ice creams :o) )
Emily and Claire
This seagull was quite happy on the lamp post for some time
Walking back towards the car
And finally, the sea!
A fun girly day out and one more place to tick off my list of places to go to. Not sure if I'll fit any more in before Emily goes back to school a week tomorrow. The holidays have gone by so quickly, can't believe it's nearly time for back to school already!
Off now for tea and cake with my niece Theresa who is celebrating her birthday today. Happy Birthday Theresa!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A boat trip on Thursday

On Thursday we had arranged to meet up with Frank (Jon's step Dad), Terri and Joel (Terri's grandson). It was Frank's birthday and we thought we'd go for a boat trip on the River Ouze and then on for lunch. We had a little while to wait before the boat was due to set off so had drinks on board.
Robbie, Joel, Frank and Alison Emily and Terri
Once the cruise was underway, we decided we would get a better view if we went upstairs. We had only been up for a short while when it started to rain but, fortunately, they provided umbrellas.
Joel, Robbie and Ali
Emily and me
Unfortunately the rain was soon too heavy to stay upstairs and we ended up inside for the rest of the journey
The rain stopped again as the cruise finished (typical!) and we walked into town to have lunch at Pizza Hut. It was lovely to get to see Frank on his birthday and hopefully, he enjoyed the day out as much as we did.

York on Wednesday

On the Wednesday, Emily and I set out to do some sightseeing in York. Alison had brought us into town but then had shopping to do while we continued with the tourist bit!
We chose to do a York Sightseeing trip on the open top bus. We sat upstairs near the back hoping to get a decent view as we went round.
York Minster The roof tops from the top of the bus
There is a wall that can be seen around the city of York dating way back.
The Golden Fleece pub and looking down one of the main streets
There is also a river around the city. This is one of the bridges that crosses it.
(click on the link to read a bit of history)
An old water mill
Part of the wall. I love the York stone that was used.
Emily on the bus
The top of one of the towers
The station clock
Boats on the River Ouze
(The red and white one is like the one we went on on Thursday)
We think this was one of the ghost tour groups with the guide (in black) at the front.
York Minster
After our sightseeing, we met up with Ali again and headed home. We enjoyed a quiet evening at the house and Rob decided a braai was preferable to the omlettes we had been going to have ;o)
Thanks Rob, it was delicious!