Sunday, 9 September 2007

A wedding

Jon, Emily and I attended the wedding of Rick and Ruth yesterday afternoon. Rick works in the Broadway Pub and plays pool with Jon. The wedding service was lovely with a few occassions for laughter as well. Will & Theresa were there with Michaela and Tyler and Shane & Emma had also been invited. Needless to say, I took my camera with me and took a few photos - some of them below.

The bridal party

Theresa, Will and Tyler

Michaela, Theresa & Tyler


Emma & Shane's wedding is coming up in November

Tyler had lots of smiles for Mum!


Daily Dose Photo - Day 9

Today's photo is our back garden. This is a view I look at every day and one that I will miss when we move. We've spent many happy hours sitting out on the patio having braai's (bbq's) and playing darts. However, I think our new garden will soon become home too and I think it's going to be a lovely sunny area!

I am planning on doing all these photos again once we've moved into the new house, it will be interesting to compare them.

Daily Dose Photo - Day 8

My kitchen counter (well, part of it anyway). The sandwich toaster gets used often in our house as both Emily and I enjoy a toasted sandwich. The cake server is empty otherwise I would be tempted to eat whatever was in it! Even the fruit in the fruitbowl is going down and finally at the front are my phone and my reading glasses - two things I often hunt for!

Daily Dose Photo - Day 7

My books! Seeing as the class is a scrapbook related class, I decided to take a photo of some of my scrapbooking books/magazines. I love sitting leafing through these to get ideas for pages I might want to do.

Daily Dose Photo - Day 6

I got my iPod as part of my Christmas present last year. I'll often wear it while I'm busy around the house and the children tend to know when it is as they'll hear me singing along with whatever's playing (not very tunefully probably!)

Daily Dose Photo - Day 5

My favourite colour is blue! If you've been to our house you would know that there is a lot of blue in it - the lounge suite, the kitchen tiles, the bathroom tiles, my bedroom walls .....
You get the picture ;)