Monday, 10 December 2012

It's beginning to look like Christmas

This morning I finished tidying/cleaning the bedroom that Max had been staying in.  I want to get it ready before Claire's baby is born so that if she wants to come and stay round some nights, we have a room ready for her. I bought a second hand cot a little while ago now I need to work out how to put it up and then we'll be about ready :)  

Claire and Alice came round this afternoon and Jon took Claire back to the flat to meet the landlady and hand over her keys. She was happy with the way the flat had been left and we're quite relieved to not have to think about it any more.

Emily has been studying for her mocks (practice exams) which she starts writing tomorrow.  However, she did take some time out today to put up her little Christmas tree in her bedroom. She's also been asking me to put up our Christmas tree since the beginning of December so today I brought it in and this evening she started putting it all together.

 The tree was assembled before dinner and we agreed we would decorate it after we'd eaten. 
This is it now :)  It's certainly beginning to feel like Christmas!
 A few more little ornaments
And finally, my attempt at Bokeh