Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Loving being outside again

We all loved the warmer weather this past weekend.  
 Alice had a great time watering all the plants.  The tulips got A LOT of water before we persuaded her to move on to some of the flower pots ;)
 The thing that struck us most is the fact that she's grown up so much since last summer. Before she would have just tipped the watering can upside down but now she actually waters things properly.
 We also have a fairly large step up to the grass area in our back garden. Last summer we had to help her get up on to the grass and get down again.  Not any more - she climbs up on her own and then makes her way down carefully.
 Megan wasn't sure what was going on when we went outside but soon realised it was quite pleasant being in the sunshine.  She was so relaxed and happy and fell asleep in the warmth.
Despite telling you how much she's grown up, this photo reminds me that she is still just a little girl :)

One of the cutest things that day was Alice saying "I love being outside" and "I'm so happy!"
Looking forward to some more warm weather again this week.