Saturday, 18 December 2010

A few photos

We had some snow fall yesterday and this morning had a thin layer on the ground. However, it's since continued to snow and these photos were taken around 10.30am.

I took another photo around 11.30am but haven't had a chance to upload it yet, it's enough to say there is probably another 2 - 3 inches on top of what you see here!
This was taken yesterday afternoon after we got home from doing some Christmas shopping :)
 And these next two are what we often see when we go to check she's still asleep in her crib! Let's just say Alice isn't that keen on sleeping at the moment and tends to fight it as long as possible!

 Grandpa's turn to give her a bottle
 And Aunty Em finally got a turn to feed her too. She'd been off school for nearly two weeks with a horrible cold, cough and sore throat but finally went back to school on Thursday. While she wasn't well she was keeping away from Alice but she can now finally hold her again :)
When a bath was needed in a hurry, the kitchen sink seemed as good a choice as any ;) and Alice didn't seem to mind!
On Wednesday afternoon we went round to Mary's for haircuts. Roxy loves Emily :) and is happy to lie on her lap.
Mary finally got to meet Alice. She had been going to come and visit the week after Alice was born and then we had all the snow.

I now need to go and start wrapping some presents and I've still got a few days worth of December Daily to catch up on so I guess I should go and get a move on.
Have a lovely weekend.