Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunday morning

When my computer goes on to screen save it starts showing photos from my Pictures folder in random order. You will often find one of us standing in front of the computer watching the slideshow and it brings back all sorts of memories. Last night while I was watching, a photo of my sister Norma came up - it was taken last April when she was over on holiday from South Africa. It made me think about how she just fits in with our family when she comes over. We love having her here and have really missed her this year. I decided to do a layout, started thinking about it last night and finished it off this morning. Here it is If you click on the image I think it'll enlarge it so you can read the journaling if you want.
This photo of Jon was also taken yesterday. We couldn't decide what to have for dinner and then when the sun came out it seemed like the ideal opportunity to have another braai (bbq). We have to make the most of the weather when it's nice ;o)
Another photo taken yesterday. Emily will have to learn during the holidays that it's easier to just let me take her photo occassionally otherwise she's going to end up with photos like this on my blog - I know, mean Mum! She was playing her DS and tried to move it quickly to cover her face so I wouldn't get a shot but wasn't quite quick enough!
And finally, on a trip to the library the other day I picked up a load of brochures to give me some idea of where we can go for day trips. As we are having a "staycation" this year I thought it would be good to go to some places we haven't been to before. Now that I have my SatNav it makes things a whole lot easier. Hopefully you'll soon see photos from some of these destinations.
Enjoy your Sunday