Saturday, 31 May 2008

I've been told ....

New laptop
New shoots on Acer


That I don't post very often on this blog and I guess I'd have to agree with that :op. I don't really know where to start again because it has been a while so I guess I'll just miss out a whole lot of the inbetween bits and think about what we've been doing lately.

The girls have been on half term this past week and we've had a very quiet, relaxing time - a lot of it spent at home but no one seems to have minded. I can't believe that once they go back to school it's the final half term and then they're finished for summer. Claire has had her last lesson at college and is on study leave until she writes her exams in the middle of June. Emily will leave primary school at the end of the term and come September it'll be the start of Senior school for her - big changes and a much bigger school! Wow, big adjustment for me too!!

We've been trying to make a start on the garden but it's slow going. The garden is small but not much has been done to it before we moved in. Jon has been making a start on digging the flower beds but we have such heavy clay soil that it's not easy. Gradually we'll add more compost into them and hopefully it won't be too long before we can put more plants in. We've picked up most of our pots from Mum and Dad's house and it helps to make the house feel more like home. Our acer has settled well again and it's starting to get loads of little shoots coming off the main stem -we're hoping it'll bush out a bit more.

For my birthday last week I got a new laptop. My old one has seemed to be on it's last legs for some time and we kept waiting for it to give up the ghost. Fortunately it hung on and I've managed to get most of my stuff transferred onto the new one. The old one has had all my photos etc removed from it and Hugh is now using it. This one has a bigger hard drive and should be able to cope better with all my photos. I'm finding my way around Vista and Jon is going to put Windows Office 2007 on for me - something new to get used to.

Apart from that, I have started looking at going back to work. I find the thought quite daunting but I think it's because I've been a SAHM for the past 20 years - things have changed a lot in that time. And, while I am quite happy doing things on the computer at home, I worry that I won't have the right skills for the workplace. I guess the only way to find out is to go and try! My ideal position would be in a school so that I could still have the holidays off with Emily - unfortunately that is also every other mother's dream job and they're not easy to come by. I will keep trying.
I've just tried to download some photos but blogger isn't letting me drag the pictures into position so it looks like they're all going to sit at the top of the page!!