Thursday, 1 March 2012


I nearly forgot to take a photo yesterday :o(  so ended up taking this one at about 9.30pm after I'd finished sorting out all my washing, ready to go for ironing today.



 Tuesday afternoon I got stuck in to tidying up the room where Alice sleeps when she comes here.  Emily had used it for putting all her boxes in while she was having her room decorated.  However, after she moved back in to her room she found she didn't have space for everything/didn't want everything back in there because she liked it a bit more minimal. Well, the boxes are now out of the room and things we're not sure about yet are in the chest of drawers until she makes a decision ;o)
 We brought some of Emily's old Build A Bear teddies out of the loft and they're now sitting on top of the chest of drawers :o)  The main aim is to make the room a bit more homely for Alice.
I bought a few pink things to go in the room too. The little rug in the top picture, this lampshade (which I think is so cute) and I have pink curtains to go in there as well - but that's a job for today.   The space opposite Alice's little travel cot is where the bed will go. I've bought fabric to make a quilt to go on it but need to finish the one I've already started first.   I must get a move on with it :o).

I'll show more photos once it's finally complete.