Saturday, 16 August 2008

What we've been up to today

I wasn't expecting today to be quite as busy as it was! I got up this morning having decided to get all the ironing done. This took me a couple of hours so I finished just before lunch time. We had lunch and then Jon said he was going to make a start on going through the boxes in the garage. This is what the garage had looked like in February this year and Jon had managed to sort it out a bit so we had a little patch of clear floor in the centre (to make it easier to get to the boxes around the sides).

Anyway, he started pulling boxes out and then asked me to come and check through and see what we wanted to keep and what we should take to a charity shop or throw out. We stuck at it all afternoon and have accumulated a pile of boxes to go to the tip... Piles of scrapbooking and sewing stuff that I wanted to bring into the house (though I have absolutely no idea where it's all going to go!) ... More piles including CDs, books, more material, Jon's badges from marathons/fun runs he ran in South Africa, videos of the children when they were younger which we need to get put onto DVDs ... And for a short while, the garage was looking like this!

It does have a few more boxes around the sides again but not nearly as many as there were to begin with. We've been in this house just over 8 months but today it felt like we could have just moved in - unpacking boxes is not my favourite pass time. I think tomorrow I may have to make a start on trying to organise my scrapbooking stuff again (and finding a bit more space somewhere?????)

We worked out how often we've moved since we married 21 years ago - 17 times!! I honestly hope this is our last one for a long time!!!!!! I also think I should do a scrapbook page listing all the places we've stayed! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend! xx