Thursday, 19 March 2009


I've been enjoyed the sunshine we've had recently and at the weekend we even managed to get our first braai/barbeque in. The garden is looking better as the plants start growing again - I had hoped you might be able to see our daffodils in this photo but you have to look very carefully for the little yellow blobs ;) Jon has cut the grass a few times and is starting to patch up the areas where the grass had died off over winter. I love this time of year with the promise of Summer to come. I thought I'd show you what my little craft area is looking like now. The wall unit, red boxes and red drawers are what I got at Ikea. What a difference they've made! Jon turned the table round and the room now looks like it has a purpose - before it looked like a junk room. I still haven't got round to organising everything properly but it's just so nice to have most of it in one place.
I have also decided that, with Spring here and Summer on it's way I need to try harder to lose weight. I long to be able to wear skirts/dresses in Summer and know that I'm the only one who can do anything about it. So, this week I've started walking into town with Claire when she goes to work. She goes down the road to work and I carry on round on the circuit I've chosen. It takes me about half an hour and has a few hills to go up/down. My legs are still giving me problems but I'm determined to keep going and hopefully as I get more used to it the pain will ease off. It's frightening how unfit I am! I have also stopped eating between meals; haven't had chocolate since Monday (which is good for me ;) and the longer I keep it up the less I miss it!) and am making the effort to eat more fruit. I decided against saying I'm going to do the Weight Watchers plan because as soon as I say that it seems to make things go downhill fast, instead I'm just watching what I eat and trying to do more exercise. Hopefully, I'll be able to give positive report backs as I continue.
Having said all that, Emily and I went out to Prezzo for lunch today. Emily hadn't been able to come when we took Mum out for her birthday because she was at school but today she had an inset day and I had promised we would go out. I tried not to do too much damage by having olives for starter and prawns with spinach in a tomato sauce with my pasta. Emily had garlic bread and Margarita pizza. Really delicious.
Now, time for me to think about what to feed Jon and Claire (Hugh's on a late shift). Emily and I have decided we won't want much for dinner as we're still quite full :) and then I have a couple of job applications to get ready to post.
Sorry the paragraphs all seem to run into one another, I try and leave spaces but Blogger just takes them out again. Frustrating!