Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Tuesday randoms

Yesterday I mentioned about the men in our road having cleared away a lot of the snow. This morning these piles of snow show some of their efforts. I am extremely grateful to them because it meant today I could drive again for the first time in a week!!
Makes me realise how much I love my little car and how much I rely on being able to go out and about in it.
You can see from the snow left on top of the car (after I'd already been out and come back) how much we've had. There must have been a good 6 inches.
Mum and I went to Sainsburys and did our weekly shop. There were a lot of empty shelves as we were going around because some of the delivery trucks haven't been able to make it to the stores. Fortunately I got virtually everything I wanted :0) - a photo of our fruit bowl which is nicely stocked up again!
And finally, some cupcakes I decided to make this afternoon seeing as I remembered to get Cocoa powder while I was out. They aren't brilliant and have rather large mushroom tops but I don't imagine anyone will complain and I'm pretty sure they'll disappear quite quickly ;o).
Looking forward to a nice quiet night tonight. Mum has passed on a few magazines to me so I might just have a cup of tea and a cupcake while I read one later tonight.
Have a good evening