Tuesday, 14 February 2012


I really haven't been doing very well with my photo taking this week :(

Mum and I went to Puddleducks in Sevenoaks today so that I could get some fabric for the next quilt I'm going to be making. It takes us about 40 minutes to get there (and now that I've been a few times ;o) I no longer need to use the Satnav) and it's normally quite a pleasant drive. Today, however, we seemed to get every lorry possible pulling out of side roads in front of us or stopping at the side of the road so we'd have to wait to overtake. It wasn't the most relaxing drive!

Getting to Puddleducks soon makes up for that though as they have a lovely selection of fabrics. Today was a bit trickier as I was looking for fabrics in a colour that I don't normally choose and had decided on a different design for this quilt. Let's just say, after an hour or more of looking and discarding fabric, I finally decided to revert back to a simple block quilt and after being shown one fabric I really liked, the rest finally fell in to place.  I know I'm being a bit secretive but I don't want to give anything away.

This leads me back to the lack of photo taking. I had put my camera in my bag to take photos while we were there but I got so involved in the whole fabric process I forgot totally! It was only when we got to Otford (the next village along) where we normally stop for lunch before heading home, that I realised I hadn't taken any photos. I snapped a couple of the main street in Otford but that was it.

This then is my photo for today & we didn't even eat at that pub ;o) but a couple came out in front of me just as I was taking the photo and obscured the view of where we do have lunch, so this will have to do, lol!

Despite all that, Mum and I had a good time and I got my fabric, so it was a good day after all.