Monday, 14 July 2008

Sharing photos

Today's blog prompt from Shimelle's class was to share an old photo of myself and a current photo of myself and explain what's stayed the same and what's changed. To be honest, I'm not a great fan of photos of myself and, at this stage in time I don't know where photos of me as a child are (we moved house a little while ago and I don't know where I've put them!) so I'll put on the one I do have from about 20 years ago.

This photo was taken, if I remember correctly, the Christmas before Jon and I got married which would make it 1986. It was taken at Jon's sister Penny's house (in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) where we had a traditional Christmas lunch before going for a swim in the pool!

This photo was taken in April this year (for the Scrap your Day class - which I haven't kept up with and am thinking of starting again this month).

What's stayed the same:

I'm still with Jon (21 years later);

We still enjoy getting together with family;

My love of creating things - photography, scrapbooking, sewing

What's changed: Lots !!

We now live in the UK and not SA;

I have three children;

I'm a stay at home mum;

I've got about 3 stone to lose ;o) ;

I no longer perm my hair;

I now use a computer rather than a typewriter;

Technology - I have an iPod, mobile phone, digital camera & computer;

Our families are spread around the world but we can keep in touch via the internet, blogs, etc.

Another prompt that's making me think and take stock.


Travel Layout

I finished my second layout - Travel - late last night. To be honest, by the time it was ready I was ready for bed so, photos were taken this morning and I'm happy to say I'm still caught up with Shimelle's My Freedom class.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing what's in store for us this week!