Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I started today!

When Jon found out he'd got the job, I decided that I would start my "healthy eating" plan the day he started work. Today, Jon started his new job. It's been a long day for him, he was up early making sure he was ready on time, then it took him 2 hours to get there (he did the first +/- 33 miles in an hour and then the next 14 miles took another hour!). Because he was only starting at 9.30 this morning he worked till 5.30 and then hit rush hour on the way home so it took another hour and fifty minutes. The driving alone is quite tiring! He's had a good day though and is able to go in earlier tomorrow (which he prefers) so hopefully he'll miss a lot of the rush hour / school traffic in the morning.
As I'd told myself, I started my healthy eating today as well. I'm following Rosemary Conley's Inch Loss Plan which says you can lose a stone in a month - that would be wonderful but we'll see how I do. I've prepared myself mentally and feel in the right frame of mind.
This book is a 28 day plan which gives you the meals, shows you the toning exercises, recommends the length of aerobic exercise to do each day and has a little daily motivational section. You can swop the meals around if you don't like something but the food is fairly standard and I'm sure I'll find plenty to eat as well as trying out some new recipes.
I've taken my "before" photo and plan to take one on the 2nd of each month, hoping to see some results. I've measured myself and started a daily diary on the computer which shows what I'm eating, how much water I've had and what exercise I've done. Each week I'll also note my weight and measurements.
Today I did the toning exercises from the book - which are quite do-able and don't take very long; she says 5 minutes but it took me a bit longer because I had to keep reading to check I was doing them properly. I also took Cloud for a 20 minute walk and went fast enough that I was breathing quicker than normal. I have got a pedometer but haven't set it up yet (I'm hopeless at working out step length!), once I've got that working I'll aim for 10 000 steps a day. I believe it's quite an eye opener to begin with and you need to walk a fair bit more than you might think. I would also like to add some WiiFit into my routine as I found that did help when I did WW last time. Tonight I made homemade burgers for the family but had salmon, new potatoes, mixed vegetables and the 1 Tbsp of Mayonnaise I was allowed. It didn't look very much on my plate but I was quite full by the time I'd finished - which just shows me that my portion sizes are way out!
I'm looking forward to feeling healthier and fitter in the near future!