Sunday, 1 April 2007

A quiet day

Today has been a quiet day. Woke up at 5.45am to make sure Claire was up and ready in time for us to leave at 6.15am. She got her train up to London Victoria without any hiccups and make it to the coach station in plenty of time. She phoned at around 2.20pm to let us know that she was safely in Blackpool. Chris had warned her that he would be working when she arrived so his friend Christof would meet her at the coach station. They were in slightly early so Claire collected her luggage and had just sat down to wait when she got a tap on the shoulder. Turning round it was Chris who had come to pick her up instead (his little April fool joke!). Needless to say she was very happy to see him and he won't be working while she is up there this time. Hope you both have a lovely week together. I was shattered after only 5 hours sleep so when I got back I ended up snoozing on the couch. Not sure how long I dozed on and off for but once I woke up and had a shower I felt much better. Faith is back for the first week of the holidays and she and Emily are busy doing something on the computer. I am about to go and make myself a cup of coffee and sit and read my book for a while! I do like holidays =o). Speaking of holidays, Norma, I hope you have a relaxing time down in CSF. If you're on the internet let me know and I'll drop you a line. Till tomorrow xx