Saturday, 24 December 2011

Photo recap of the last two weeks

I can't believe we're at Christmas Eve already, the last two weeks have gone by so quickly.  Emily broke up from school but I've still been having Alice three days a week. Claire has had to work the early shift the last week or so which has meant picking Alice up at 7.45am. She's no problem (apart from wanting to get in to all the cupboards) and is quite at home here.

 After going for a walk she was waiting for me to sort out her pram before we went back inside.
 We've been to a local garden centre and had a look at all the Christmas decorations.
 Emily took on the task of decorating the tree this year
 and did a great job.
 Alice had her first haircut when we went to get ours cut. Just the fringe was trimmed so it's no longer in her eyes :)
 I finally got round to writing and posting all my Christmas cards (overseas ones may be a bit late - sorry!)
 Claire and Alice have joined Mum and me at Starbucks for a coffee, after the weekly shop, a couple of times.
 Alice has been round for a sleepover :) while Claire and Craig went out.
 Emily and I went down to see Joshua as Michael Darling in Peter Pan. He was fantastic and we thoroughly enjoyed the play. Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos and although I took a photo of one of the publicity photos I'm not sure if I can post it here because of copyright.

We also managed to spend some time with Michelle and Lily (though Lily slept virtually the whole time we were with them) and I did manage to get some more cuddles.

 We stayed overnight in Eastleigh and then travelled back the following day - arriving back in time for our Tesco Christmas shopping delivery.

I've finished all my wrapping and some of the presents are under the tree. We've just got back from the Crib Service at Church and are ready for tomorrow to be here :)

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and all the very best for 2012.