Tuesday, 27 March 2007

First braai of the year

As I said yesterday, beautiful weather and it's continued through to today. When Claire got home from College last night she asked if we had any charcoal as she just fancied a braai (barbeque). As luck would have it we did have enough and, because I'd just been shopping, I was able to make a salad and we had bread rolls and everything we needed. It was such a nice change and gave us a taste of summer (before the rain comes back again!)

My dinner! The salad was delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole meal.

Emily has been off school yesterday and today while we waited for results back from the doctor. Fortunately these came through tonight and were clear! Back to school tomorrow! She did take the opportunity, while at home, to practice playing her violin and gave us a "mini recital"

Well done and keep up the practicing Emily!
More tomorrow - have a good night everyone



  1. As I said yesterday, Rhona, roll on summer. Hope we have that kind of weather when Norma is here! Nice photograph of our musical Emily. xx