Sunday, 13 May 2007


Doesn't the weekend go quickly! We had a couple more viewings on Saturday and while the first couple were here I was at the vets with Tom. He had an abscess underneath his paw which had to be lanced. Fortunately, since then he's been a lot happier and is able to walk on the paw again.

I also finally got round to making a bag for Claire to use for college. She didn't want anything fancy, just a bag she can put over her shoulder which is big enough to take her files, lunch, etc. Hopefully this bag will be strong enough to last her through to the end of term.
Jon and Emily have been taking the dogs out for a walk each afternoon. The dogs are getting better at walking on their leads and look forward to the outing. Today we decided to take them for a longer walk but Wallace didn't enjoy that one so much - he definitely needs to get fitter. These photos were taken earlier in the week as Emily and Jon returned back from a walk

Emily and Wallace

Jon and Cloud

Today Louise popped round after dropping Max & Faith and their friends, Chloe & Lauren, at McDonalds and they walked to our house when they'd finished. Claire had found Twister and suggested they have a game. There was much laughter and I couldn't resist taking a few photos. You will note that neither Louise or I took part in the game itself ;o)

Group photo L - R: Emily, Claire, Chloe, Max, Faith & Lauren

I know I keep saying I will try and blog more often but at this stage I will blog when I get a chance.

Take care



  1. Yes Weekends Fly!! Love the photos of Jon, Emily and the dogs...I bet they must be so excited to be going out for walks. Lucky Pups! Looks like the kids had so much fun playing Twister....I have to wonder if that would even be physicaly possible anymore.
    Hope you aren't working too hard over there. Any news on the house sale?


  2. It's not physically possible for me that's for sure! No house sale yet but will keep you posted.