Sunday, 19 August 2007


We were supposed to have two viewings this morning - one at 11am and one at 11.30am. By 11.15am no one had arrived so I called the agent who then called the mobiles of those concerned. One had had something crop up last night and wasn't going to make it (why not phone the agents to let them know then!!!) and the other had decided our house was slightly out of their price bracket! It annoys me when people don't let you know they're not coming - I could have had a lie in (haha!). At least the house is looking lovely and tidy again and it's a good way to start the week ahead :)
This afternoon, Emily and I went to Leah's 4th birthday party. Alison & I met when Jake and Emily started school together. Leah was born 6 years later and we get invited to her parties and I get to take photos. Today I hadn't checked my camera battery properly and it ran out before the birthday girl blew out the candles :( I did, however, get a few photos before then and reverted to using Mark's camera (Ali's husband) for the remainder of the photos.

Jake, Leah & Emily

Opening presents



  1. It doesn't seem all that long ago since Leah was a baby and just look at her now. Love your photographs of her, Rhona, she is so pretty, as are all the other little girls at the party. Jake and Emily look quite grown-up beside them!xxxx

  2. Great photos Rhona! You're selling your house? Is that what you meant by 'viewings'?? We have 2 houses and want to sell one. I just don't have the enegy to get it organized so I can hire a cleaning crew. The basement alone is so full of 'stuff'.